Where To Put It All?

Where To Put It All?

As you probably know, getting rid of as much clutter as possible is one way of preparing your house for sale. You want to make sure each room appears comfortable and spacious.

But what are you going to do with the photos, the boxes, the clothes, the tools, the furniture, and the other things that you need to get out of your house?

You have two options for items that you no longer want: dispose of or donate. At your local recycling center or waste depot, you can dispose of items (make sure to check with them first to verify what items they accept.)

There are organizations like Goodwill and The Salvation Army, that are interested in donations. They accept right furniture, clothing, appliances (that work), bikes, and other toys (that don’t need repair) and other tools.

Consider renting space in a local self-storage facility for items you want to keep. They usually offer storage options from lockers to garages and charge for a month. As far as security is concerned, most of the self-storage facilities have fences, gates requiring a passcode, cameras, and other security features.
You can also lock your unit.

One of the disadvantages of self-storage is you have to move your stuff to the storage unit twice, then to your new house. You can consider using An alternative that is increasingly popular is the .
You can also try the Mobile Storage Unit, this is becoming popular nowdays.

The device is placed for a few days in your driveway while loading with the items to be saved. Then the mobile warehouse picks up and takes it to its warehouse. When you move, the company will unload the unit to your new house. If you’re looking for an accurate market value for your home, contact us at 401-396-2888 for a free valuation.  We’re always glad to help!

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