What Buyers Notice Most When Viewing a Home

What Buyers Notice Most When Viewing a Home

Remember the last time you saw a home for sale? What do you remember of this property? You probably remember the distinguishing features and characteristics, such as the beautiful hardwood floors, the spacious kitchen with the long island or the faucet dripping up in the washroom on the main floor!

Obviously, you want potential buyers to notice your home’s great features, rather than those less appealing things. So pay particular attention to what a purchaser is likely to notice and remember when preparing your home for sale.

Say, you have a small, unused bedroom, for example, which has become the unofficial storage room. If something isn’t going anywhere else, it’s put into that room! It is now a cluttered space.

What will buyers recall after a viewing of that room? Will they see the potential of having a home office or a comfortable reading room? They’ll most likely remember just a small, cluttered, potentially unusable space.

Buyers will also notice in the kitchen a dripping faucet, a scuff in the wall or the lingering aroma of spicy cooking. They’ll remember all of the things that stand out, whether they’re positive or negative.

So when listing your property make sure that the desirable features of your property are what stands out for potential buyers.

If you have a beautiful sitting room with large windows and a great view, make sure it’s clean and comfortable in space. You might even want to “stage” it a bit, maybe with some fresh flowers and a good book sitting at the end table. If you are looking for a precise market value for your home, please contact us at 401-396-2888 for a free appraisal. We are always happy to help.

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