What a Buyer is Thinking While Viewing Your Home

What a Buyer is Thinking While Viewing Your Home

If you ask any skilled salesperson for a smart selling strategy, they’ll generally respond something along the lines of, “Understand the buyer.” Attempt to deduce what they’re thinking.”

That is sound advice to keep in mind when putting your house on the market. You must picture what a buyer would be thinking when visiting your property in order to better prepare your home for sale.

Here are some things buyers may be wondering:

  • Is this the kind of house we want to live in? Is it the right size, with the right amount of bedrooms, etc.?
  • Are the rooms large enough for our requirements?
  • Are there any repairs or maintenance concerns that need to be taken care of?
  • What is the property’s age? Is there anything substantial that has to be replaced soon, such as a furnace?
  • What is the atmosphere like in the neighborhood? Will we be content in this location? Is it secure?
  • Is this house going to be a good fit for our way of life? Is there a play place for the kids? Is there enough space to have a party? Is there enough space in the dining room for a family dinner?

These are just a few of the many questions a buyer can ask while touring your home. The better your ability to anticipate these inquiries and prepare your home correctly, the more likely you are to sell it fast and for a good price.

Remember, for example, that clutter makes a room appear smaller. As a result, declutter your home, particularly the smaller places and cupboards.

Create a list of surrounding features (i.e. local parks, proximity to public transportation, walking trails, etc.) to assist buyers comprehend the value of living there if your home is in a desirable neighborhood.

Simply put, when it comes to prepping your property for sale, think like a buyer! If you’re looking for an accurate market value for your home, contact us at 401-396-2888 for a free valuation. We’re always glad to help!

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