Preparing Your House for Sale in Less Than a Week

Preparing Your House for Sale in Less Than a Week

It’s great if you’ve got plenty of time to prepare for something important. But most of the time, that’s not how life happens. Sometimes you have to move fast and do your best with the time you have.

For example, you had to prepare your house for sale and only had a week to do that. What could you do to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers in those few days? Here are some suggestions:

Clean the top – to – bottom house. Make it look like its “ready for guest.”
Remove as much clutter as possible. Put some things in storage if necessary. Try to make every room look spacious and organized.
Get all the minor repairs done.
Repaint is the cheapest and quickest way to improve the look of any room dramatically.
Don’t forget about outdoor activities. Cut the heels, sweep the walkways and handle any potential eyelids–such as old rusty bike stored in the side yard.
Some fresh flowers can be put in the dining room and outside next to the front door.
Make your house as depersonalized as possible. You can store away family picture because you want your potential buyers to imagine themselves living there, not you.

This is merely a partial list of ideas. You can have a professional real estate that can help you to prepare your house to sell it quickly at the right price.

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