New year new home Tips for making a move in 2022 Part 1

New year, new home: Tips for making a move in 2022 Part 1


1) Figure out if it’s the right time to buy

Prior to beginning your new home hunt, it’s critical to ensure the timing is correct. While external variables such as seasonality and local market trends may influence your choice, the most critical aspects are personal. Take the time to analyze your finances and any impending major lifestyle changes to decide if a relocation makes sense for you right now.


2) Find out how much you can afford to spend

If you’ve decided to make a move, a critical first step in purchasing a house is getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Consider your financial status carefully to ascertain how much you can afford to spend on a property. This will assist you in narrowing your search for possible houses to your chosen price range.


Are you prepared to purchase a home? In a nutshell, yes—if you can afford it. However, “afford” is not as straightforward as the amount of money in your bank account at the moment. Numerous additional financial and lifestyle factors should be included into your estimates.

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Kamil Sarji - Real Estate Agent


Kamil Sarji

Real Estate Agent

Licensed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut

Phone: (401) 396-2888



If You're Selling: I know how to present and showcase your house effectively, promote and market it so that it attracts qualified buyers and get SOLD for the highest price possible.

If You're Buying: We start with really learning about your needs and what you're looking to achieve in your new home. Knowing this will help me find and show you the best homes that meet your criteria.


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