Make Buying a Home Smooth Sailing

Make Buying a Home Smooth Sailing

In the nautical world of boating, there is a specific rule that you need to adhere to to ensure an enjoyable day on the water. It is essential to follow each step to avoid having a miserable experience.

The same holds when buying a new house. You need to adhere to a specific process to make sure that everything will be smooth sailing. 

Here are the basics.

Find a good real estate professional. Find someone who knows the area.

Determine what you can afford. Be ready with a pre-approved mortgage.

Make a wish list. Determine the type of house you are looking for. Create a list and view the properties that closely match your criteria.

Make an offer.  This something that an excellent real estate professional can help with. They can assist you in making the right offer that can get you the home that you want.

Get a home inspection. This is very important and a must.

Get the paperwork done. Your real estate professional, lawyer, and the lender will typically handle all the transaction paperwork for you.

Prepare for the move.  Look for a good mover. Don’t forget to organize for the internet, change address details, telephone, and other details.

Adhere to this process, and your move should be smooth sailing. If you’re looking for someone who can aid you in making the right offer for a property, contact us at 401-396-2888, we’re always glad to help!

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Kamil Sarji - Real Estate Agent


Kamil Sarji

Real Estate Agent

Licensed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut

Phone: (401) 396-2888



If You're Selling: I know how to present and showcase your house effectively, promote and market it so that it attracts qualified buyers and get SOLD for the highest price possible.

If You're Buying: We start with really learning about your needs and what you're looking to achieve in your new home. Knowing this will help me find and show you the best homes that meet your criteria.


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