Lighting Matters When Selling Your House

Lighting Matters When Selling Your House

Remember when you were in a furniture store or another major retailer in your home? Remember the fully decorated displays of appliances, furniture, and other products? Some of them may even have been set up as model rooms.

What did those displays share?

Possibilities are, they were well lit.

In the retail sector, some professionals are exclusively specialized in display lighting. It plays a fundamental role in the successful display and sale of home products that the stores are willing to absorb the costs.

And the same applies to your house.

If you want to display your house well and sell it at the best price, make sure that every room is well illuminated.

There are probably rooms in your house with adequate lightings, such as the kitchen and bathrooms and possibly the foyer. However, there are some areas where the light may be so-so. Take a look closely at:

Storage areas
Laundry rooms
The garage

If you have dark or shadowy areas in your house, you can simply put higher wattage bulbs, provided that your fixture can accommodate them. KKeep in mind that the brightness can vary from bulb type to bulb type. 40-watt energy – efficient bulb, for example, may not provide as much light as a comparable standard bulb. So do a few experiments. Your objective is to make the room feel comfortable and bright in the eyes.

Also, don’t forget to open blinds and drapes, too. The best and most attractive light source for a room is often the sun shining through a window.

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