How to Sell your Home Super Fast

How to Sell your Home Super Fast

The chances are that once you put your house on the market, you expect it to sell fast. Any cases, though, in which buyers don’t really want their home to sell soon; they need it to sell super quickly; they need it to sell super fast. This could be due to a sudden move, the acquisition, or any number of other factors, of a new home with a close closing date.

It can be a frustrating example. However, to make your home sell super quickly, there are few useful things you can do:

  • Find out the current market value of your property. This will guide you in your decision on the listing price.
  • Be reasonable about the listing price. You can sell quickly and still get a good price for your home. But, realistically, you won’t be able to hold out in the hopes of getting an “above market value” offer.
  • Be as flexible and accommodating as possible when it comes to scheduling viewings. If you’re going to restrict buyers to see your home on Saturdays from 3 to 5, then you’re going to reduce your chances of a quick sale.
  • Clean and declutter your home. This is the fastest way to improve how it shows dramatically.
  • Tend to the outside of your property. Cut the grass. Trim the hedges. Fix the creaking back gate. Do everything you can to increase your property’s curb appeal.
  • Wherever practicable, spray fresh color. The best and least expensive “renovation” that you can do is painting. The appearance in every part of your home can be greatly improved.
  • Spread the news that you’re shopping for a fast sell and that your house is on the block. Tell the family, friends, and co-workers about it.

If you’re looking for an accurate market value for your home, contact us at 401-396-2888 for a free valuation. We’re always glad to help!


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