Home Safety is More than Locked Doors and Alarms

Home Safety is More than Locked Doors and Alarms

Many homeowners think about the door locks and alarms when it comes to home security, though those are very important, however,
there are other options that you can try to prevent the possibility of a break-in around your property.

One essential aspect of home protection is exterior lighting. Your house doesn’t need to be lit up like a baseball field at night, but the outdoor lighting will illuminate the yard enough to be a barrier to burglars.
Some burglars are hiding around the property and waiting for someone to arrive and open the door so that they can use that opportunity to force their way home.

Security specialists recommend you stroll through the house to search for places that anyone may be hidden, such as behind a large shrubbery or a tool shed. See to it that these places are well lit.

Pay special attention to the lighting around the exterior doors, particularly the back door.
Experts also suggest using a controlled dimmer for outdoor lighting. Then, in the early evening, the lights can be set to cast a bright light and dimmer light for the rest of the night.

For certain areas, even lights mounted with motion detectors may be efficient. If anyone enters the section of the house, the sensors can allow the light to switch on or shine in. Generally, the thieves will flee as soon as they see a light turn on.
Do you hide a spare key under the front doormat or in a flowerpot? You might think you’ve found a clever spot, but experienced thieves know all of the commonplaces of hiding. And anytime you use a spare key, place it in a little combination lockbox and cover the box. And if a burglar enters the package he can not unlock it and reach the key.

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