Finding the right house – 4 questions to ask yourself

Finding the right house – 4 questions to ask yourself

It’s a huge decision to settle for a home to buy. It’s one of your most important financial decisions. So how can you know if you’re buying the right house when the time comes to make the deal? The following four main considerations can assist you in answering your question.

Does the house meet your requirements? Most buyers are already aware of what they want and do not want in their homes. Make a list of your requirements if you haven’t yet. Keep the list at your fingertips for any properties you visit. You can double-check your list if you think you found the house for you.

  1. Does it have potential?

Even if you find a house that meets your requirements, there’ll always be some sort of compromise. 

The next thing you want to ask: can some of those compromises be resolved over time?

For instance, can you save money for repairing the kitchen or putting new hardwood floors into them? Would you have to think more drastically, like adding a whole lot?

If you think about the potential of a house, you should consider how much work you must do to be happy. Then ask yourself if you really have that work.

Aesthetic changes are generally considered to be more manageable than structural or functional changes.

  1. Do you like the area?

Remember that your prospective property doesn’t exist in a vacuum. When you purchase a house, you’ll be part of the neighborhood whether you like it or not. 

You want to take a long, hard look at the area and see whether you are happy with the amenities and the overall feel before you make an offer on the house.

Before presenting an offer, we recommend taking a drive around the area. Look for things like the closest bank and food shop and etc. In addition, keep an eye on any fun hotspots like restaurants and bars in the area. If you’re planning to have children, and also have general crime rates, you may like to do some follow up investigation into such things as the quality of the school district.

  1. Does it fit your future?

Whether you want to buy your house forever or just now, purchasing property is an investment.

With this in mind, you want to ensure that every house you think you buy fits well now and for the planned future.

Ask yourself: do you see yourself in this place for the next five years at least when you think about your future?

Consider this timeframe when looking at possible listings. If you plan for changes in your lives, such as a marriage or new members of your family, it may be best to search for your home.

Final thoughts

Spotting the one isn’t always easy, but building a game plan around the things you want and need in your new home can help. A good REALTOR® can aide you make the right offer for the property you’re interested in buying. For free valuation, contact us at 401-396-2888. We’re always glad to help!

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