Stay or move How to Decide

Stay or move? How to Decide

Do you review the real estate ads in your local newspaper sometimes? Or drive through an open house sign and feel the urge to stop and take a look? These are common signs that you are thinking of the possibility of making a move, at least at some level.

But how do you decide if you have to move or not?

The first step is to consider your reasons for buying a new house practically. What drives you in that direction?

Is your home too small to meet your needs?
Is the commute to work too long for you or your spouse? (Perhaps longer than expected when you bought the house?)
Are there properties that you would like to have now, such as a bigger backyard or a bigger kitchen?
Has the area changed undesirably?
Do you have any other personal reasons for wanting to move, such as a desire to be closer to relatives in another area?

Think carefully about things that can’t change unless you move. For example, if there are recently built a road or a highway near you, the continuous sound of traffic will not go away.

If you think there are no practical reasons for moving, then other reasons for wanting a new place may still exist. You may want to get your family to a better area with better schools, or you may want a larger house with a larger backyard, more rooms, and a larger driveway.

There is nothing wrong with just wanting a better place than you now have. That is actually a common reason why many people move.

The point is if you’ve been thinking for a while about a new home, maybe this is the best time to take the next step. A good real estate expert can help you understand your options.

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